La Belle Care Ltd care agency Hatfield is a family run organisation providing care and support to people living in their own homes. With over 30 years’ experience within the health and social care sector, La Belle have created a tailor-made service which is person centred to meet your individual needs and wishes.

Registered with the care quality commission and Herts care provider’s association we pride ourselves by not only our exceptional tailor-made services but also our strong connections and business relationships with other providers alike within Hertfordshire, which allows us to stay focused and compliant as well as exceedingly knowledgeable within this sector.

With La Belle Cares' extensive experience within the health and social care sector we understand the importance of caring for people in their own homes where they feel safe and secure and by endeavouring to always maintain uncompromisingly high standards of commitment to serving our clients in a caring friendly and professional way. We are dedicated to making every interaction with our customers a positive experience.

Our services are built around people not tasks. We will listen to you and be sensitive to your beliefs and wishes and will be responsive and supportive to your needs to help support you and maintain your independence and dignity always.

We believe in the right to personal choice including cultural beliefs and religion and that is one of the many reasons La Belle Care have created a tailor-made service to suit you as an individual giving you as much control as possible over your decisions and the service you receive. We believe in supporting you to live the life that you choose.

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